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From: Björn Schäpers <>

Fixes, except
that libraries loaded after the backtrace_initialize are not handled.
But as far as I can see that's the same for elf.

Thanks, but I don't want a patch that loops using goto statements.
Please rewrite to avoid that.  It may be simpler to call a function.

Also starting with a module count of 1000 seems like a lot.  Do
typical Windows programs load that many modules?


Rewritten using a function.

If that is commited, could you attribute that commit to me (--author="Björn
Schäpers <>")?

Thanks and kind regards,

I noticed that under 64 bit libraries loaded with LoadLibrary were missing.
EnumProcessModules stated the correct number of modules, but did not fill the
the HMODULEs, but set them to 0. While trying to investigate I noticed if I do
the very same thing from main (in C++) I even got fewer module HMODULEs.

So I went a different way. This detects all libraries correctly, in 32 and 64
bit. The question is, if it should be a patch on top of the previous, or should they be merged, or even only this solution and drop the EnumProcessModules variant?

Is there any reason to use both patches?  Seems simpler to just use
this one if it works.  Thanks.


This one needs the tlhelp32 header and its functions, which are (accoridng to
the microsoft documentation) are only available since Windows XP rsp. Windows
Server 2003.

If that's no problem, and in my opinion it shouldn't be, then I can basically
drop patch 4 and rebase this one.

I don't see that as a problem.  It seems like the patch will fall back
cleanly on ancient Windows and simply fail to pick up other loaded
DLLs.  I think that is fine.  I'll look for an updated patch.  Thanks.


Attached is the combined version of the two patches, only implementing the variant with the tlhelp32 API.

Tested on x86 and x86_64 windows.

Kind regards,

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