> > The above Project Idea is made available on 'Summer of Code' wiki of
> > GNU GCC Website. I wanted to have some more details about above idea
> > regarding to what is expected for implementation and expected output
> > for the same.

I've been having interest in this idea I already asked about but forgot to
introduce myself.

I, Tejas Joshi, studying undergraduate Computer Engineering, Pune
University, India.
I've worked and still working in interested C,C++ and always had keen
interest in Languages and processing. I am a member of team, which has been
selected for Smart India hackathon 2018. Working for math.h and complex.h
functions is really interesting and want to apply for it.

First of all, thanking you Sir Myers for immediate and elaborated response.
As far as I think for now, the approach for the problem would be(shortly):

1. There are in-built functions present for ceil / floor / etc. I am
suppose to add functions in which existing ones get folded for constant

2. Expanding them inline for non-constant arguments depending upon target
processor and implementing new instruction patterns.

Just as Sir said.
I have some university level experience of working and programming assembly
language under Intel 80386DX architecture. I think it may help for
implementing supports for other architectures. Just for start, you
mentioned roundeven function as a guide for start. Where can I find these
(e.g. real.c) .c files for detailed study of these functions so that I can
have broader scenario? I have GCC 7.2.0 installed and could not find it in
library nor in libc/.

-Tejas Joshi.

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