On Fri, 2 Mar 2018, Tejas Joshi wrote:

> I have some university level experience of working and programming assembly
> language under Intel 80386DX architecture. I think it may help for
> implementing supports for other architectures. Just for start, you
> mentioned roundeven function as a guide for start. Where can I find these
> (e.g. real.c) .c files for detailed study of these functions so that I can
> have broader scenario? I have GCC 7.2.0 installed and could not find it in
> library nor in libc/.

You need to check out the GCC source code from version control and find 
the files and functions referenced in there (locating pieces of GCC code 
using find, grep, etc. on the GCC source tree is something you'll need to 
do a lot), and make sure you can build GCC, run the testsuite, save 
results from a testsuite run, build and run the testsuite and compare the 
results of the two runs (this is something that would need doing very many 
times in the course of any project working on GCC).

Joseph S. Myers

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