Hello Chaitanya,

On Fri, Mar 02 2018, Sai Chaitanya wrote:
> Hello,
> I am Chaitanya.while checking the organisation for GSOC I am very
> confused,sir I have skills in C,C++, Java and little bit of python,till now
> I didn't take part in any big projects.
> Please guide me which organisation and which project suitable for me.

you have reached out to developers of GNU Compiler Collection (GCC).  I
am afraid that we are unable to help you with picking the most suitable
GSoC mentor organization, for many reasons.  If you are thinking of
applying to do a GSoC project with us, look at our dedicated wiki page

If you are still interested after reading through it, I suggest that you
check out our sources (https://gcc.gnu.org/svn.html,
https://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/GitMirror), build the compiler (look at steps
referenced from https://gcc.gnu.org/install/), look around the code a
bit and then come back to us with specific questions (and ideally at
least an idea for the project).

Good luck,


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