Rather than introduce a DLL into the system directory, why not statically link 
the code into the bindings themselves, when possible? Or document the 
appropriate logic for doing it with win32 functions (registry functions, 
LoadLibrary, GetProcAddress) and allow the bindings to make those calls 
themselves? Most languages have a way to access win32 functions. It just seems 
unnecessarily risky and complicated to create a new DLL and put it in the 
system directory, IMHO.




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2011/1/25 Jason Roberts <jason.robe...@duke.edu>



Are you still planning to implement the registry-based approach? I ask because 
you seemed in favor of avoiding modifying PATH, if at all possible (a position 
I agree with), and the registry approach would eliminate that need while still 
making GDAL + bindings “just work”.



As the time permits, I'll do some tests in this regard. Since not only the 
PATH, but other environment settings should also be applied, I consider a 
bootstrap dll to be implemented for all bindings. The only issue is that where 
to place this dll file to make it available for all for all bindings to load. 
May be into the system directory (?)

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