2011/1/25 Jason Roberts <jason.robe...@duke.edu>

> Rather than introduce a DLL into the system directory, why not statically
> link the code into the bindings themselves, when possible? Or document the
> appropriate logic for doing it with win32 functions (registry functions,
> LoadLibrary, GetProcAddress) and allow the bindings to make those calls
> themselves? Most languages have a way to access win32 functions. It just
> seems unnecessarily risky and complicated to create a new DLL and put it in
> the system directory, IMHO.

I think it would be more compicated to be familiar with all languages and
implement the same thing in several ways. Creating a dll which can be loaded
for all languages would be a more trivial solution IMHO. Unfortunately I
don't think I have enough knowledge to implement such things in a language
specific way.

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