I think the solution that Tamas proposed for that problem is not to
automatically set the environment variables, but instead to modify the GDAL
core installer to store the installation location in the registry and then
have the Python bindings read it and initialize GDAL by calling appropriate
GDAL functions. This solution would eliminate the need to set the
environment variables. For more information, review the long discussion on
the gdal-dev list for this from a couple of weeks ago.

(Tamas, correct me if I'm wrong about your proposal. And sorry I have not
had time to test it myself yet...)


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--- On Tue, 1/25/11, Ivan Lucena <> wrote:

> Do you have the GDAL_DRIVER_PATH environment variable set
> on your Windows system?
> C:\Apps\GDAL\bin\gdalplugins

You are right, I forgot to set that variable. Now it is working. Thank you
very much !

Could you improve the Windows GDAL installer, so that it automatically sets
the environment variables (GDAL_DATA and GDAL_DRIVER_PATH), and adds the
GDAL binaries path to the PATH environment variable ?

Thanks !

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