Hi Even,
Thank you for your quick answer,
We work with C#, and unfortunately, we didn’t find GDALDriverManager API.

Instead, we tried algorithm you proposed with OGR 
Driver.DeRegister()/Register() : this does not work, csv change is not taked 
into account (csv file seems to be cached)


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> I would like to change the s57 objects’ catalog while running between two

> open of datasources. How can I make S57ObjectClasses.csv reloaded ?

> Or how can I change the loaded S57ObjectClasses ?

If your workflow is

open dataset 1

work with it

close dataset 1

change .csv file

open dataset 2

work with it

close dataset 2

then after "change .csv file", you could unload and reload the S57 driver so 
that the S57ClassRegistrar singleton gets destroyed and reloaded, with 
something like (untested):

GDALDriverManager* poDM = GetGDALDriverManager();

GDALDriver* poDrv = poDM->GetDriverByName("S57");


delete poDrv;


If you need to operate on 2 simultaneously opened datasets with different .csv 
files, then changes would be needed in the S57 driver.



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