Not entirely sure this question should be posted here, but given that the
wiki gives instructions on how to do it, and at least part of the code was
written by Frank, I'm taking a leap. Sorry if it's the wrong place.

So, the wiki states that building for 12-bits is just a matter of defining
BITS_IN_JSAMPLE to 12, and defining NEED_12_BIT_NAMES. I did so, but while
running make, the wrtarga.c file accuses an error: "Sorry, this code only
copes with 8-bit JSAMPLEs. /* deliberate syntax err */", and this is
breaking the build.

I'm using the latest release from Now, the wiki
states that support for 12-bit JPEG is a branch that was never implemented
on main trunk, and that I should get this version from, but
that website seems to not have been updated in a long while, so I'm
somewhat sketchy of it.

Is it still so that a branch is needed? If so, where to get it? If not,
what to do about the error? I frankly could do without Targa support, if
need be. There is a "without-package" flag in the configure file, would
this be the way?
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