> I checked some .gpkg database that is created by FME with the
> validate_gpkg.py script. It gives this error:
> __main__.GPKGCheckException: Req 5: table stand has column
> standnumberextension of unexpected type TEXT ( 2 )
> Excerpt from the standard:
> TEXT{(maxchar_count)}
> Variable length string encoded in either UTF-8 or UTF-16, determined by
> PRAGMA encoding; see http://www.sqlite.org/pragma.html#pragma_encoding The
> optional maxchar_count defines the maximum number of characters in the
> string. If not specified, the length is unbounded. The count is provided
> for informational purposes, and applications MAY choose to truncate longer
> strings if encountered. When present, it is best practice for applications
> to adhere to the character count. Stored as SQLite TEXT
> Unfortunately there is no example in the standard about how the text field
> with maxchar count should be created correctly and how it should appear in
> the PRAGMA. I wonder if the error is caused by the spaces around number 2
> in TEXT ( 2 ).

Yes this is due to spaces.

My understanding of the specification text, confirmed by the official test 
suite in
is that spaces are not allowed, so this should be TEXT(2)

The OGR driver will just recognize TEXT (2) as TEXT.


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