I'm translating things on QGIS and now looking at GDAL tool rasterizing point data set with moving average interpolation.

That's making a call to gdal_grid with -a average.

I've got the attached result from a point set (circles with red border and inside inverse grayscale with interpolated value). The call was

gdal_grid -l INPUT -zfield suuntap -a average:radius1=8000.0:radius2=8000.0:angle=0.0:min_points=0:nodata=0.0 -ot Float32 -of GTiff INPUT.shp OUTPUT.tif

I'm wondering is that the expected since it looks like the raster cell value is determined by point locations. I would have expected a much more smooth surface without any obvious circular shapes. To me it looks like the computation was not done cell by cell but instead point by point.

What am I missing or misunderstanding?


ps: This tool is in group 'Raster analysis'. In my opinion it should be in a group 'Point data tools' or something.

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