On Wed, 2016-11-16 at 07:43 -0500, Greg Troxel wrote:

> I have never heard of Meson before.  Certainly I may not be paying
> enough attention, but it's hard to believe it is mainstream yet.

GStreamer for one is looking to replace Autotools with Meson.

> While CMake is now reasonably common, the idea that some kind of
> packaging system will only build packages that use Cmake is very odd.
> Certainly large amounts of software does not use CMake, and it is not
> reasonable to call something broken because it doesn't.
> Before adopting a new build system, I'd like to see written
> requirements
> for the build system, specifically including portability and cross
> building, and to see an analysis of how there will be no regressions.

This is a clear management tool to say "we are not going to do this".
Unlike the comment "Show us it working and we'll think about it" which
is positive, "write a proposal document" is, to a software project,
management speak that means "we will put up barriers to avoid any

I get the message. I'll go away.

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