>>>>> "Russel" == Russel Winder <rus...@winder.org.uk> writes:

Russel> On Wed, 2016-11-16 at 07:43 -0500, Greg Troxel wrote:
Russel> […]

>> I have never heard of Meson before.  Certainly I may not be paying
>> enough attention, but it's hard to believe it is mainstream yet.

Russel> GStreamer for one is looking to replace Autotools with Meson.

>> While CMake is now reasonably common, the idea that some kind of
>> packaging system will only build packages that use Cmake is very odd.
>> Certainly large amounts of software does not use CMake, and it is not
>> reasonable to call something broken because it doesn't.
>> Before adopting a new build system, I'd like to see written
>> requirements
>> for the build system, specifically including portability and cross
>> building, and to see an analysis of how there will be no regressions.

Russel> This is a clear management tool to say "we are not going to do this".
Russel> Unlike the comment "Show us it working and we'll think about it" which
Russel> is positive, "write a proposal document" is, to a software project,
Russel> management speak that means "we will put up barriers to avoid any
Russel> change".

Russel> I get the message. I'll go away.

Christ, stop the passive aggresive stuff will you?  And get a thicker
skin when people trash you suggestion.  If you feel so strongly about
it, and if moving to CMake or some other tool will help you contribute
in a major way to geeqie, then go ahead.

Start a branch, start your work and put it out over the wall for
others to see!  Please please please do not let some people not being
excited for your idea mean they don't want YOU contributing.  They're
down on the idea, not on you and your desire to contribute!


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