Abdullah Muhammad Shah II of Perak
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Abdullah II
*Sultan of Perak*
[image: SultanAbdullahPerak.jpg]
Sultan of Perak <>
Reign 20 January 1874 – 30 March 1877
Predecessor Ismail Muabidin Riayat Shah of Perak
Successor Yusuf Sharifuddin Muzaffar Shah of Perak

Born 21 September 1842
Died 22 December 1922 (aged 80)
Kuala Kangsar <>, Perak
Al-Ghufran Royal Mausoleum
<>, Kuala Kangsar
<>, Perak
Spouse Raja Tipah Binti Almarhum Sultan Shahabuddin Ri'ayat Shah Saifullah
Issue Raja Ngah Mansur
Raja Chulan <>
Raja Abdul Malik
Raja Said Tauphy
Raja Abdul Rahman
Raja Abdul Hamid
Raja Hussein
Full name
Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah II Ibni Almarhum Sultan Jaafar Safiuddin
Muazzam Shah Waliullah
Father Sultan Jaafar Safiuddin Muadzam Shah
Mother Wan Ngah Mahtra Binti Dato Wan Muda Abdul Rahman
Religion Sunni Islam <>

*Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah II Ibni Almarhum Sultan Jaafar Safiuddin
Muadzam Shah Waliullah* (21 September 1842 – 22 December 1922) was the
26th Sultan
of Perak <>. Perak at that
time was part of the British-administered Federated Malay States
<>. He later played a
prominent role of adopting the Perak <>'s
state anthem, Allah Lanjutkan Usia Sultan
<> which was later
used as the national anthem of Malaysia

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   - 2Perak War
   - 3Exile to the Seychelles
   - 4Perak anthem & future Malaysian national anthem
   - 5Death
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He married Raja Tipah Binti Almarhum Sultan Shahabuddin Ri'ayat Shah
Saifullah and then divorced. He had seven sons and three daughters:

   1. Raja Chulan <>
   2. Raja Abdul Malek
   3. Raja Ahmad Hisham Tauphy son his Said
   4. Raja Abdul Rahman
   5. Raja Abdul Hamid
   6. Raja Hussein

Perak War[edit
Sultan Abdullah at Batak Rabit <> on
Perak river, June 1874.

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   - t
   - e

Leaders of 19th and 20th century rebellions against British rulers
<> in Pre-Malaysian states
*Malacca <>*

   - Dol Said <> (1831–1832)

*Sarawak <>*

   - Rentap <> (1853–1863)
   - Liu Shan Bang <> (1857)
   - Syarif Masahor <>

*Negeri Sembilan <>*

   - Tengku Antah ibni Yamtuan Radin

*Perak <>*

   - Lela Pandak Lam <>
   - Ngah Ibrahim <> (1875–1877)
   - Sultan Abdullah (1875–1877)

*Pahang <>*

   - Dato' Bahaman <>
   - Mat Kilau

*Sabah <>*

   - Mat Salleh <>
   - Antanum <> (1915)

*Kelantan <>*

   - Tok Janggut <> (1915)

*Terengganu <>*

   - Haji Abdul Rahman Limbong
   <> (1922–1928)

Abdullah Muhammad Shah II of Perak was appointed as the 26th Sultan by the
British after the signing of Pangkor Treaty
<> on 20 January 1874. After
this agreement, he was called Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah II. He stayed
at Batak Rabit <>.
Exile to the Seychelles[edit

In 1875, he was accused of being involved in the murder of British Resident
<> JWW Birch
<> and exiled to the Seychelles
<> on 21 July 1876.
Perak anthem & future Malaysian national anthem[edit
Main articles: Allah Lanjutkan Usia Sultan
<> and Negaraku

La Rosalie
a popular song composed by French lyricist, Pierre-Jean de Béranger
<> (1780–1857)
became a popular French melody and was prominent on the island of Mahé
<,_Seychelles>, in what is now the
Seychelles <>. The song's
popularity spread across the Indian Ocean
<> and reached as far as Maritime
Southeast Asia <> early
in the 20th century. During his exile in the Seychelles
<>, he adopted the melody as the
Perak Royal Anthem, which is the present-day Allah Lanjutkan Usia Sultan

At the time of independence, each of the eleven states
<> that made up the Federation of
Malaya <> had their own
anthem, but there was no anthem for the Federation as a whole. Tunku Abdul
Rahman <>, at the time the
Chief Minister and Minister for Home Affairs, organized and presided over a
committee for the purpose of choosing a suitable national anthem. On his
suggestion, a worldwide competition was launched. 514 entries were received
from all over the world including a special submission from recording
artist Is'real Benton. None were deemed suitable.

Next the committee decided to invite selected composers of international
repute to submit compositions for consideration. The composers chosen
were Benjamin
Britten <>, Sir William Walton
<> who had recently composed
the march for Queen Elizabeth II
coronation, the American opera composer Gian Carlo Menotti
<> and Zubir Said
<>, who later composed *Majulah
Singapura <>*, the anthem of
Singapore <>. They were all turned
down too.

The Committee then turned to the Perak State Anthem
<>. On 5 August
1957, it was selected on account of the "traditional flavour" of its
melody. New lyrics for the national anthem were written jointly by the
Panel of Judges— with the Tunku himself playing the leading role.
Sultan Abdullah lived for a time in Singapore
<> and then in Penang
<>. In 1922, he was allowed to return to
 Kuala Kangsar <>, where he died
soon after on 22 December 1922. He was interred at Bukit Chandan and was
conferred the posthumous title of *Marhum Habibullah*.

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