Hello all,

I'd like to know if the following patch may interest the community.

I split conditionally executed AArch64 instructions into two or three uops,
in order to use at most 3 register file ports, instead of 4 in the current
code. The vast majority if not all AArch64 uops use up to 3 RF ports.

More specifically:

CSEL (and similarly CSINC, CSINV, CSNEG FCSEL) are split as follows:
CSEL Rd, Rn, Rm, cond
uop 1: (cond) ? Tmp0 = Rn : 0
uop 2: (!cond) ? Tmp1 = Rm : 0
uop 3: Rd = Tmp0 + Tmp1

CCMN  (and similarly CCMP, FCCMP) are split as:
CCMP Rn, Rm, #imm, cond
uop 1: Tmp_nzcv = CMP Rn, Rm
uop 2: (cond) ? nzcv = Tmp_nzcv : #imm

Just asking because the patch works in my branch, I didn't rebase/test over
gem5 mainstream.


Fernando A. Endo, Post-doc

INRIA Rennes-Bretagne Atlantique
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