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Review request for Default and Andreas Sandberg.

Repository: gem5


Trying to read MISCREG_CTR_EL0 on AArch64 returned 0 as is was not 
implmemented.  With that an operating system relying on the cache line sizes 
reported in order to manage the caches would (a) panic given the returned value 
0 is not valid (high bit is RES1) or (b) worst case would assume a cache line 
size of 4 doing a tremendous amount of extra instruction work (including 
fetching).  Return the same values as for ARMv7 as the fields seem to be the 
same, or RES0/1 seem to be reported accordingly for AArch64

In collaboration with:  Andrew Turner


  src/arch/arm/isa.cc 9c7b55faea5d 

Diff: http://reviews.gem5.org/r/3667/diff/


Checked on FreeBSD boots with extra printfs;  also observed a reduction of a 
factor of about 10 in instruction fetches for a simple micro-test.


Bjoern A. Zeeb

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