Hi folks. We've just started to run into some problems building on ARM
because the systemc build fails out. While investigating, I found a couple
problems which are to blame.

First, the SConscript seems to be assuming that it should be using the QT
threading implementation which requires architecture specific assembly
files. There is no file for ARM, so that will fail on ARM. Some Googling
suggests that systemc can in fact be built for ARM, but it needs to use
pthreads for its threading implementation.

That led me to discover that the files which should be used with pthreads,
src/sysc/kernel/sc_cor_pthread.cpp, are already being included, and the
-pthread flag is being enabled unconditionally. I think those things should
be left out when using the QT threading library, and similarly the assembly
file shouldn't be required when building on ARM with pthreads.

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