Yeah, working through all this config stuff I'm a bit frustrated by what it
is, but I'm also not sure what it should be instead.


On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 12:05 AM, Andreas Hansson <>

> Hi Gabe,
> It is not that simple.
> The whole point is that the crossbar does any address interleaving, so
> that it can be used both for memories and caches (or really any slave
> downstream). Moreover, there is no need for a single level of crossbars to
> actually have all addresses represented. It can be used to build trees,
> diamonds, etc. See the HMC construction for example where we split
> addresses across links, then quadrants, and finally to the vaults/channels.
> We spent quite some time thinking about how to best represent this, and I
> think the best option would actually be to use some form of sub system and
> port-group type construct, perhaps combined with a more refined AddrRange.
> There are a lot of challenges that need to be addressed though, and
> previous whiteboard discussions have not yielded a design that actually
> encompasses all the important use-cases.
> It would be great to see a good design for this, but it¹s definitely not
> obvious what it would be.
> Andreas
> On 08/08/2017, 03:17, "gem5-dev on behalf of Gabe Black"
> < on behalf of> wrote:
> >Hi folks. I notice that there's a fair bit of code in which
> >sets up a bank of memory objects to interleave memory accesses among
> >themselves and collectively act as a single memory. This seems like
> >something which should be bound up into a wrapping object, perhaps a
> >RamBank SimObject, which would abstract the complexity of setting up the
> >interleaving. There could be a specialized DramBank object which would
> >help
> >get rid of the ugly issubclass() in create_mem_ctrl function.
> >
> >Gabe
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