Dear all,

The master branch is now set as stable. I.e., the master branch cannot be
directly contributed to (assuming I have setup the permissions correctly).
Instead, development will now occur atop the new develop branch.

Also: we'll soon be releasing gem5 19. This is a special 'baseline" release
of gem5, and not intended to be released with much fanfare. A "draft" of
this release can be found on the branch "release-staging-v19.0.0.0". In a
week's time, this will be merged into the master branch, and the master
branch tagged as the official stable gem5 19 release.

We will be running tests on this draft and encourage members of the gem5
community to evaluate this release. If there is a problem you believe are
pressing then please feel free to bring these problems to our attention, or
submit a changeset to this branch on Gerrit for evaluation (git push origin
HEAD:refs/for/release-staging-v19.0.0.0). It should be noted, that we'll
only consider a "last-minute" change to be incorporated into this release
if there is a good case that  it cannot wait for gem5 20 (which will be
released in a couple of month's time).

Outlined below is a helpful Q&A style guide to help anyone with questions
about the master-as-stable git/gerrit change, and the gem5 19 release:

What's happening?
Two things! First, the gem5 git repository is moving to a master-as-stable
structure. This means that the master branch HEAD will contain the latest
gem5 release. Code in development will exist on a new "develop" branch.
Secondly, gem5 19 will be launched soon (on the master branch). At present
it exists on the "release-staging-v19.0.0.0" branch.

When's this happening?
The master-as-stable git setup is already in effect. gem5 19 will be
launched ASAP (hopefully within the next week). A draft version of gem5 19
can be found on the release-staging-v19.0.0.0

How will this affect my development?
For most developers? Not very much at. You will not be able to commit
changes to the master branch anymore. Instead, when pushing changes you
should use:

git push origin HEAD:refs/for/develop
(instead of ... HEAD:refs/for/master)

We strongly advise you rebase on top of develop before pushing:

git rebase origin/develop

To avoid problems going forward, we'd suggest you move all development on
your local systems over to the development branch:

git checkout --track origin/develop

If you have a change pending submission within gerrit then you must move
the change. This can be done by navigating to your change (e.g.,, then selecting
"Move Change" from the options (top right, under the three-dots). From
there, the change may be moved to the develop branch. If your change exists
within a relation chain then all non-submitted changes within the chain
should also be moved.

gem5 releases will occur three times a year. gem5 developers will not need
to do anything special to be considered for a release. Assuming a change is
successfully submitted to the develop branch, it will be included in the
next gem5 release (given our goal of releasing three times a year, this
should mean a change will take no more than four months to be incorporated
into a stable release). For more information on how releases will be
carried out, please consult or contributing guide:

I think there's a change that should be included in gem5 19. What do I do?

Over the next week or so we'll accept "last-minute" changed into the gem5
19 release. Though, these changes should have good justification for
needing to be part of this release in that they can't wait a few months for
gem5 20 (e.g., major bug fixes, stability improvements, etc). To submit a
change to the gem5 19 release:

git push origin HEAD:refs/for/release-staging-v19.0.0.0

This will go through the regular gem5 Gerrit review as with any other

Anything else?
Going forward, we would encourage those using gem5 to obtain the latest
stable release (i.e., pull the latest master branch) and, if publishing
results, note the the version used. One of our primary goals with having
official, stable releases is to ensure results can be more easily

I'm having problems...
It's hoped this transition goes smoothly, but if any issues are encountered
then please feel free to email me directly ( I'll work
with you to try to resolve any issues :)

Kind regards,
Dr. Bobby R. Bruce
Room 2235,
Kemper Hall, UC Davis
CA, 95616

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