Hi all,

I recently switched from gem5/x86 to gem5/RISCV due to some advantages of
this ISA.

I'm getting some weird simulation results and I realized my compiler was
generating instructions for the compressed RISCV ISA extension (chp 12 in
the user level ISA specification <https://riscv.org/specifications/>). The
weirdness disappears when I use *--march* to remove these extensions.

*So the question is: does gem5/RISCV support this ISA extension? *If so, I
can share the weird results (maybe I'm missing something) but basically a
wide-issue O3 processor fetches only max 1 instruction/cycle when it should
probably be fetching more.

If it doesn't support then it's all OK, I just find it a bit weird that the
program executes normally with no warnings whatsoever.

Best regards,

Marcelo Brandalero
PhD Candidate
Programa de Pós Graduação em Computação
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
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