When you say professionals, in what specific capacity are they being
recruited?  Who is requiring them to sign an NDA?  The Foundation?  Their
employers?  I've worked with a number of Wikipedians in Residence and
professionals at US cultural institutions, and I know some of them well
enough to feel confident that I'd know of such a thing if they were forced
to sign something like this.  (Many people working with the private data of
editors are required by the Foundation to sign a confidentiality agreement,
but that agreement only extends to that data.  I've signed it myself.  I
believe a copy of this agreement is publicly available somewhere.  Meta?)

If this NDA requirement is true it deserves to be publicly exposed in the
interests of transparency.  If it's not true, it's a distraction from the
real problems that exist in this community and enables those opposed to
eliminating those problems to point to false claims in an attempt to
dismiss attention towards those problems.

If anyone has one of these NDAs, please send it to me privately,
anonymously if you wish, and I will take the appropriate steps to expose

On Sun, Aug 6, 2017 at 11:08 PM, Neotarf <neot...@gmail.com> wrote:

>  I have heard that professional women are being recruited for Wikipedia,
> women whose employers would ordinarily be expected to protect them from a
> 'hostile work place', but they are being required to post their real
> identities on their talk pages, along with the names of their employers.
> and a COI form statement.  They are also required to sign a non-disclosure
> agreement that prevents them from revealing any harassment they experience
> in Wikipedia, or from even revealing they have been required to sign an
> NDA.
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