Apache POI is used by Apache Tika and Apache SOLR.
The XmlBeans build is pretty complicated and outdated and changing its package 
names is going to be fairly hard (in short, XmlBeans is used to autogenerate 
some of the code shipped in XmlBeans).

    On Monday 26 February 2018, 20:07:49 GMT, PJ Fanning <fannin...@yahoo.com> 
There is general interest in the Apache POI PMC and general Contributor 
community in forming a new PMC for Apache XMLBeans. POI has a dependency on 
XMLBeans and there are some fixes that we would like to apply to XMLBeans.Some 
of the discussion appears in these threads.

If we can get 3 or more people to form a new XMLBeans PMC, would it be feasible 
to reopen the XMLBeans svn for new commits?

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