Hi there,

I am running code that calculates some Max Likeihood values by solving some 
equations using Newton-Raphson method.  In this case **any** value between (and 
including) 0 and 1 is possible. I do this for a large number of parameters in a 
long running loop.  Every so often I write this out to an SQLite database.

Going through the SQLite code, while the database reads are "binary" the 
inserts are by submitting a SQL command of the form -

'insert into MLE (psi, var, p, s, k) values ' , Followed by a formatted list of 
lists of values (0.7, 0.1, 0.7, 3, 7), (0.3, 0.2, 0.5, 3, 8), ...

The SQLite routines need to get the formatted values. Foreign verb   8!:0  is 
used to format up character representations.  Verb sqlinsert_psqlite_ calls  
fixcol which uses the 8!:0 foreign verb.
I now discover that some of my calculations end up extremely small (< 1e_300), 
and these produce a system error in 8!:0.  The code below demonstrates the 

Engine: j805/j64/windows
Beta-12: commercial/2016-09-30T15:50:47
Library: 8.05.14
Qt IDE: 1.5.3/5.6.2
Platform: Win 64
Installer: J805 install
InstallPath: r:/j/j64-805
Contact: www.jsoftware.com

   8!:0 ] 9.06184e_293  3.71249e_297 3.66555e_301 7.57543e_305 2.9368e_308 
jtsprintfeD: decpt
|system error
|       8!:0]9.06184e_293 3.71249e_297 3.66555e_301 7.57543e_305 
|2.9368e_308 1.95799e_311
[[[Note underscores are sometimes screwed by this email system]]]


A/  Can  8!:0 check for positive numbers less than 10e_310 (and negative 
numbers greater than _10e_310)

B/  Is it possible for SQLite insert verbs to use binary transfer instead of 
formatting up an sql insert command.

C/  Is it the case that foreign 8!:0 actually uses a J coded verb  jtsprintfeD 
and/or decpt?

D/  Why won't email editor correctly handle underscores?  Sometime underscores 
appear correctly other times they are invisible?

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