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>> URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?view=rev&rev=563052
>> Log:
>> Fix URL to be in archive.  Does that make sense at all?
>> Modified:
>>     gump/metadata/project/ws-wsif.xml
> The ws-wsif project in Gump builds exactly the same classes as the
> ws-soap project but doesn't publish a jar at all.
> This just doesn't seem right - or if it is correct then the project
> could be removed from Gump because it is redundant.

+1 to remove it.  Of the few non-building projects, is looks like several 
are dead.  Hopefully Jetty will build some day, but it is an M2 project, so 
not much that we can do on the Gump side.  Ditto Jline.  The nlog4j project 
just seems abandoned (since it won't even come close to compile with the 
re-structured slf4j).  The asn1-codec project would be have to changed to be 
an M2 project, but since the projects it is blocking are also M2, there 
isn't much point.  Village is waiting on finding a home again. 
Hivemind-compile might be worth making an M2, but it only has a few 
dependants.  I've been trying to clean up ws-commons, but so far with little 

On the plus side, I tried checking out Maven 2.1 over the weekend.  It 
wouldn't even come close to building, but the structure looks a lot more 
Gump-friendly.  There may be hope to support M2 builds yet :).

> Stefan 

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