On Mon, 6 Aug 2007, Bill Barker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> "Stefan Bodewig" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message 

>> The ws-wsif project in Gump builds exactly the same classes as the
>> ws-soap project but doesn't publish a jar at all.
>> This just doesn't seem right - or if it is correct then the project
>> could be removed from Gump because it is redundant.
> +1 to remove it.

Will do so if I don't receive any feedback from wsif-dev at all, which
seems likely.

> Hopefully Jetty will build some day, but it is an M2 project, so not
> much that we can do on the Gump side.  Ditto Jline.

More on some thoughts I've been toying with later.  Basically I'm
coming back to the "write a webapp that fakes a M2 repository" idea.

> The nlog4j project just seems abandoned (since it won't even come
> close to compile with the re-structured slf4j).

unfortunately the directory projects seem to depend on it.

> On the plus side, I tried checking out Maven 2.1 over the weekend.
> It wouldn't even come close to building, but the structure looks a
> lot more Gump-friendly.  There may be hope to support M2 builds yet
> :).

You mean support on par with Ant instead of Maven 1.x?  Cool.


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