Prefix  Name    Value
-X bootclasspath/p :/home/dtftest/gump/packages/jaxp-1_3/jaxp-api.jar /home/dtftest/gump/packages/jaxp-1_3/dom.jar /home/dtftest/gump/packages/jaxp-1_3/sax.jar /home/dtftest/gump/packages/jaxp-1_3/xercesImpl.jar /home/dtftest/gump/packages/jaxp-1_3/xalan.jar       
-D      gump.merge      /home/dtftest/gump/work/merge.xml
-D      build.sysclasspath      only

     Environment Overrides

Name    Value
CLASSPATH :c:/jdk1.6.0_21/lib/tools.jar /home/dtftest/gump/results/ant/bootstrap/lib/ant.jar /home/dtftest/gump/results/ant/bootstrap/lib/ant-launcher.jar

The immediate issue still seems to be the basic "java" call is not picking up the ant jar files from the CLASSPATH environment variable above. Please help.


Stefan Bodewig wrote:
On 2010-12-09, Jörg Schaible wrote:

Command Line

api.jar:/home/dtftest/gump/packages/jaxp-1_3/dom.jar:/home/dtftest/gump/packages/jaxp-1_3/sax.jar:/home/dtftest/gump/packages/jaxp-1_3/xercesImpl.jar:/home/dtftest/gump/packages/jaxp-1_3/xalan.jar -Dgump.merge=/home/dtftest/gump/work/merge.xml

There should be a space or = after "-Xbootclasspath" - that might
explain the the problem?

No, the syntax is -Xbootcpasspath/p:PATH - see "java -X".

The path still uses ':' as separator

which is puzzling since it is generated by a Path instance that runs
through the getFlattened method at the bottom of
which uses os.pathsep

Could this be a cygwin aware version of Python that is too much aware of

Stefan might be interested in patches in that case ;-)

In any case 8-)


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