It seems that xml-commons' repository has gone away. I found this out while testing a local version of Gump that had no checkouts. Given that it is stale, and in the boot-classpath of just about every ant project, it should go away for modern JVMs. I just want opinions on options. As I see it the choices are:

1) leave the stale projects, but remove the boot attribute. Upside, least amount of work. Downside, nobody will be able to set up a fresh Gump. 2) make the projects empty, and think of something for the couple of projects that have a <property .../> depend (or just let them fail).
3) remove it completely and edit a large number of projects that refer to it
4) Ignore the problem completely until there is a break with the JVM.

My personal preference is in order 2,1,4,3, but want to hear other opinions first.

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