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2012/4/15 Bill Barker <billwbar...@verizon.net>:
It seems that xml-commons' repository has gone away. I found this out while
testing a local version of Gump that had no checkouts. Given that it is
stale, and in the boot-classpath of just about every ant project, it should go away for modern JVMs. I just want opinions on options. As I see it the
choices are:

1) leave the stale projects, but remove the boot attribute. Upside, least
amount of work. Downside, nobody will be able to set up a fresh Gump.
2) make the projects empty, and think of something for the couple of
projects that have a <property .../> depend (or just let them fail).
3) remove it completely and edit a large number of projects that refer to it
4) Ignore the problem completely until there is a break with the JVM.

My personal preference is in order 2,1,4,3, but want to hear other opinions

I did not find it in ASF Attic so I went on looking into svn log. So I see that
it was moved into "/xerces/xml-commons":



About the above list of options :
I do not understand what you meant by 2). You clear the metadata file
of that module? Or you meant start over with empty list of modules in

Regarding 3) the only projects that explicitly refer to xml-commons
are ant, ant-1.8.x, xml-xerces2. That is not much. The rest should be
an indirect dependency. I wonder whether Ant really needs it.

When dealing with svn repositories it is also possible to 5) "freeze"
them in time by setting certain peg and operative revisions. I do not
know whether Gump supports that (as it defeats its purpose), but it
might be doable.

If those repository paths are passed to command-line client as is,
this syntax might be already working:

<svn repository="asf" dir="xml/commons/trunk@1311707"/>

I> am not doing any updates to the metadata now - I think you would
better try on a standalone Gump that you have, because so many
projects depend on it.

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

Well, you did more research than me :). So that gives the option
6) reset the <svn .../> tag to point to the new location
That would make 6) my favorite now, but still wonder if xml-api should still be on the boot classpath anymore with modern JVMs.

By 2) I meant something like :
<project name="xml-api" /project>
in the Gump metadata. It will resolve for the couple hundred ant projects that use it, but use the JVM's xml parser.

There are a couple of old (and largely dead) projects that reference a project in xml-api via a <property .../> tag. And almost every ant build references it since it (used to be) needed at runtime to boot up ant.

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