It seems to me that the first data point to gather is if there is general 
interest in Gump as an ongoing service. If not we have our answer. If yes, then 
we need to figure out how to resource it & if the level of interest extends to 
maintaining bits of it.

As for your letter, I like it. Perhaps add a paragraph as to why Gump does it's 
builds? Something like:

Apache Gump builds the full stack of the latest commits of software in order to 
ensure integrity over releases. Build failures surface API discontinuities 
between projects before they impact releases, and Gump's e-mail notifications 
promote the conversations between teams to resolve those discontinuities. 



Adam R. B. Jack

On Jun 11, 2013, at 7:57 AM, Stefan Bodewig <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'd like to reach out to the PMCs that in some way seem to have used
> Gump - for some of them it is quite possible they haven't added their
> projects themselves.  In a first step I'd like to gauge interest, I'm a
> bit unsure whether I should point out they'd need to help out if they
> intend to keep Gump running at this point.
> The PMCs to contact would be
> ActiveMQ
> Ant
> Camel
> Cocoon
> Commons
> Creadur
> Directory
> Forrest
> HTTP Components
> JMeter
> James
> Lenya
> Logging
> Lucene
> Portals
> Tapestry
> Tika
> Tomcat
> Turbine
> Velocity
> Webservices
> XML Graphics
> Xalan
> Xerces
> here is a quick draft of what I'd send out:
> Dear FOO PMC
> Apache Gump builds some of your projects and it is quite possible you
> don't know or have by now forgotten about it.
> More than half a year ago a technical problem has forced us to turn off
> emails on build failures as we would have been sending out lots of false
> alarms.
> Before we re-enable emails we'd like to know whether you are still
> interested in the service Gump provides, so please tell us. :-)
> Metadata for many projects have been neglected for a long time and it is
> quite possible they'd need some love for results to be meaningful.  All
> Apache committers have write access to Gump's metadata.
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