On 2013-06-11, Adam R. B. Jack wrote:

> As for your letter, I like it. Perhaps add a paragraph as to why Gump
> does it's builds?


NOTE: I'd try to find appropriate dev/general lists for each project and
do with a single mail CCing them all - I wouldn't want to use the
private lists as there isn't anything in the mail that'd require

Second attempt:

Dear Community

Apache Gump builds some of your projects and it is quite possible you
don't know or have by now forgotten about it.

More than half a year ago a technical problem has forced us to turn off
emails on build failures as we would have been sending out lots of false

Before we re-enable emails we'd like to know whether you are still
interested in the service Gump provides, so please tell us. :-)

Metadata for many projects have been neglected for a long time and it is
quite possible they'd need some love for results to be meaningful.  All
Apache committers have write access to Gump's metadata.

In case you don't know what this Gump stuff is about:

Apache Gump builds the full stack of the latest commits of software in
order to ensure integrity over releases.  Build failures surface API
discontinuities between projects before they impact releases, and Gump's
e-mail notifications hope to promote the conversations between teams to
resolve those discontinuities.

When responding to this mail please shorten the CC list as appropriate.

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