On 2013-06-24, Michael Glavassevich wrote:

> Projects like Xerces and Xalan are near the bottom of the food chain. I've
> always thought the projects higher up in the stack got more value from
> Gump.

Unless Xalan or Xerces breaks something :-) In this case you get the
early warning by other project's builds failing.  That's why monitoring
your dependee's builds is a crucial part of getting anything useful out
of Gump.

Shall I translate this to "we're not too eager on keeping our Gump

> I don't remember the last time we got a notification for a legitimate
> build failure at our level. It was a rather rare occurrence, even
> while e-mail notifications were still being sent out.

Well, yes, see above.  No email doesn't mean no downstream has been



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