Thanks for reviewing and voting for Pegasus into Apache Incubation, I am happy 
to announce the release voting has passed with 7 +1 binding votes, no +0 or -1 
votes. Details are as follows, the voting thread is here[1].


- Justin Mclean
- Duo Zhang
- Gosling Von
- Byung-Gon Chun
- Michael Wall
- Furkan KAMACI
- Kevin A. McGrail

[Not binding]

- Yingchun Lai
- lidong dai
- Guangxu Cheng
- agile6v
- Yu Li
- zhangliang
- Ming Wen

Many thanks for everyone. Pegasus is a very promising project in distributed kv 
storage, and welcome to be involved in the community. Next, we will be working 
on Podling Infrastructure Setup :-)


Best Regards,
Von Gosling

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