I wrote: 
|  Is the NDA under NDA?  Or can someone post a copy?  

Ok, there's no separate NDA, it's part of the standard agreements:


Follow-up questions: 

1.  Is there an Apache-specific, public archive of JCP discussion, 
including the negotiation of JCP 2.5?  This seems to exclude 
[EMAIL PROTECTED] .  Is there a [EMAIL PROTECTED] ?  If not, 
one could be culled from the archives of other lists.

2. Is there an Apache-specific, public archive of the discussion that 
preceded the decision to make [EMAIL PROTECTED] non-public ?

Pier wrote:
|  >Most of the times, in my experience, it all comes down to how "receptive"
|  >the spec lead is in regards to new ideas coming from outside, and how much
|  >"weight" he has in his company (the JSR sponsoring company)...
|  >
|  >But my experience is too little to say what happens more often.

Are there any metrics on the "performance" of spec leads, besides:


Apache has tools that provide quantitative feedback on the development
process.   Can any of these be adapted to provide quantitative feedback 
on the post-public spec development process, using historical (public) data?

Spec leads need to be JCP members and there's a $5K threshold for
commercial companies.   That's a large gap between Tier $0 (Apache and
fully open) and Tier $5K (JCP and open/closed per above cited agreements).

Is there a subset of Apache members who represent smaller commercial
companies, who won't/can't incur the JCP overhead, but who wish to give
their customers the benefits of inter-vendor portability and test compliance?


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