Julius Davies wrote:
I had to explain that Commons-SSL just sits on top of the JSSE and JCE
to try and make working with SSL and Java easier.  Your point about
the name is a good one.

The counterpoint to name argument. Just single example, I'm sure there are many more: commons-logging sits on top of log4j/java logger/logkit/... and tries to make working with all them seamless.

commons-ssl may be not the best name but it isn't terribly bad either.



On 12/1/06, Roland Weber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

The working title "Commons-SSL" does not really reflect this. Do you
plan to implement the SSL protocol as part of the project? Probably
not, so the title is misleading. An all-encompassing name might also
be offensive to people working on other SSL-related projects. I think
you should spend the time and define not only a motto, but a very clear
scope of the project. Both in terms of what's in scope as well as what's
out of scope. From there on, we can work on finding a name and home.

Please do not underestimate the importance of this step. Finding a
name may seem like a minor detail, but the problem of defining the
scope is very real. Only a few months ago, there was a long discussion
on this list about a proposal for "testing.apache.org". I haven't read
anything about it anymore after the supporters realized that a scope of
"everything that has to do with testing" was overly broad. We don't
want to see that happen to your proposal.

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