> However, here's a vote for Commons to officially request that it move
> to TLP.

+1 (non binding)

>    http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-commons/TLPResolution
> Please add your name if you're a Commons developer and haven't added
> your name yet.

I think you have already explained that yesterday, but I didn't understand ...
The list seems to be intended for PMCs, not for the hundreds of simple
committers like me ?

At this time it tends to be common for the new PMC to be formed of the
committers. It can depend, if someone is a new committer then it'll be
weird adding them to the PMC from the get go (least that seems to be
the general opinion).

I realized today that this is a subject that hasn't come up - where
will the committer list come from. Personally I'm in favour of using
the current jakarta committer list to define the list of people with
karma to a TLP Commons.

If you feel you're an active committer, I'd add your name.


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