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On 5/8/07, Henri Yandell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> [ ] +1 I support the proposal
> [ ] +0 I don't care
> [x] -1  I'm opposed to the proposal because...

I do not feel the draft resolution adequately addresses several
remarks made in the discussion thread.

I'm in agreement with Niall. I think both of the quotes below are
mine, so I'll respond to those.

The resolution should address issues raised as to the scope of the PMC
and the use of the commons namespace. Comments on the other thread
included remarks like

* "We'll do whatever the community wants to do. If someone proposes a
Ruby library and we have a community interested in creating and
supporting a Ruby library, then it would of course be strongly
considered. "

Yep, I stand by this one. Look at Jakarta's resolution and what
Jakarta does now - it's clear that the community overrules the
resolution and I expect it's up to the board to complain if they feel
it's gone too far.


* "Multiple PMCs, one website. So we'd have Java Commons, Ruby
Commons, BobsYourUncle Commons PMCs, and they'd all share a
commons.apache.org website."

This one was definitely a random suggestion. If we reach a point of
impasse with another commons wanting to start, then I (with board hat
on) think the solution would be to have multiple PMCs and 1 website.
Or maybe that really means a portal and a site behind it. All
hypothetical though - XML Commons is dead, DB Commons never happened
and WS Commons is afaik not highly active. We do own the Commons space

But, as it stands, the resolution implies that the proposed PMC will
be excluded to Java and would own both the top-level "Commons" project
name and the "commons.apache.org" namespace. Neither remark is

Yep. Personally I think that we don't need Java there. For two reasons:

1) It's community and day to day life that determines our scope, more
so than a resoltion.
2) It's (let's face it) an easier sell without Java in the text.

However the consensus was very clearly in favour of having Java in the


Let the focus of this PMC remain on Java, but, in the Apache spirit of
openness and collaboration, make way for other Apache Commons projects
in other languages.

Sure - but let's discuss that then rather than now. Hypotheticals will
just keep us spinning emails out ad infinitum.


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