Author: momma
I just moved to a new server and upgraded mnogosearch to 3.3.15 from 
3.3.7. Now when I run indexer, I immediately get a core dump. As soon 
as I comment out the one ServerTable command I have, all is well.

Old server = Red Hat Enterprise 32-bit, mnogosearch v3.3.7
New Server = CentOS 6.5 64-bit mnogosearch v3.3.15

The indexer configcheck option shows no problems.

Is anyone else using 3.3.15 and a ServerTable directive with no 

The one main difference I see between the server table and my custom 
server table is that the url field is a blob in the server and mine is 
varchar(255)...but, that worked before the upgrade.

I can not get to the core dump file because 'abrt' is gobbling it up 
and I have not figured out how to get around that yet.

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