Hi Stefano,

> 2) Apache SOAP and Apache Axis are dealing with this and Axis is very
> likely to be the community of choice (I never liked the name Apache SOAP
> myself so I'm happy to hear this)

Just to be clear- Axis is a new implementation of SOAP. At one point
it was called Apache SOAP v3 but the name was changed when there it
appeared likely that the W3C would change the name of the protocol.

Apache SOAP is destined to become the "old version" and Axis to be 
the new and on-going version.

> Sam indicated that Axis is more or less Apache SOAP 2, well, then you
> guys broke the revolutionary rules by giving subproject status to an
> internal fork.

I'm a core developer of Apache SOAP. When the V3 discussions were 
going on the active V3 folks wanted to establish a seperate project
mostly for "distinct community identity" purposes IMO. I was (and
am) fully supportive of Axis and didn't push for an internal fork
at that time because it appeared that the community would foster
better with a "clean slate." Given the value of community over 
mechanics, IMO it was the right decision to make it into a separate

The name, as I said above, was deliberately chosen to not have
the word (?) SOAP in it. Axis actually stands for something (pretty
nebulous, as I recall), but I forget what right now.

> I'd love to see this mess fixed and my proposed plan is:
>  1) the Apache subproject that takes care of web services becomes Apache
> Axis (which is a cool name, BTW).
>  2) Apache SOAP gets moved into Axis [or left there if everyone agrees
> on letting it die out]
>  3) WASP Lite is submitted to the Axis community which will then decide
> what to do with that. Either refactor the code, or ship it as it is [but
> with a new codename!] or making it the Axis 2.0 branch of the CVS. Up to
> them.

Apache SOAP and Apache Axis are SOAP engine implementations. While
SOAP plays an important role in Web servies, it is by no means the
only key technology. WSDL for example actually has a conceptually 
bigger role in Web services (and will continue to have a wider role).
What we need is a "meta" project above the SOAP engine level proejcts.

My proposal would be to create an "Apache Web Services Project" and
host under that:
    - Apache SOAP (destined to rest in peace once Axis kicks into 
      high gear)
    - Apache Axis
    - [Any other projects that get started under this project]

As for WASP, I personally feel it'll be better placed as an separate
dir in the Axis tree and then used to merge into Axis. I personally
don't think its a good idea for one to be able to download 3 separate
SOAP implementations from Apache. Apache SOAP and Axis have a well-
defined (and well-known, I believe) relationship: one is a replacement
for the other. WASP comes in at a bit of a messy time for Axis- but
after Axis goes to 1.0 the best of Axis and the best of WASP should
be combined to make Axis 2.0. Right now, IMO the best thing to do is
to commit WASP into Axis, get the two developer communities merged
and then move forward. While it is true that two of the main WASPers
are Axisers, they haven't been active for a while (AFAIK); so 
getting the two teams to become aware of each others' codebases is
critical and will take some time.


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