A while back, I talked to Norman Walsh (of Docbook fame, if you don't
know him) about making his entity resolver (or entity catalog)
implementation a full open source project, given the incredible need for
such a thing on XML-based applications (see recent talks on xml-dev
about XML portability, for example).

Cocoon already uses such an entity resolver and since we were thinking
about moving the most general XML-based components back into Avalon (so
that they are available to all the rest of Avalon-aware applications),
it would be extremely beneficial for us to have the ability to influence
directly the code in order to make it easier to deploy and use such
important tool.

Norman wrote this code while working at Sun, but it's already licensed
with a BSD-like license, so there are no legal obstacles whatsoever.

What I proposed Norman is to bootstrap a community around this code here
under Apache and he liked the concept.

I see several possible solutions:

1) merge the donated code with an existing subproject (Xerces would be
my choice)

2) create a new subproject (but there might not be enough community
diversity for this to happen)

3) place it under xml-commons, following the same charter and community
restrictions of jakarta-commons.

4) ???

Norman suggested to make the code available separately from an existing
product in order to increase usability and modularity, since entity
resolution using SAX2 doesn't require the presence of an XML parser.

So, there are a few votes:

a) would you like to accept this code donation?

b) if so, where do you think it should be located?

Please place a vote.

[Norm, sorry for having taken so long for this but I had to wait for the
other code donations to happen or being resolved]


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