Archive links for the complete morning and afternoon sessions are at

With IU's media servers we can make links that start at the times of each 
individual presentation, but I'll probably get to those later as they need to 
be timed and I lack the motivation right now.

Thanks to the speakers of the conference, to Global Netoptex for hosting the 
conference, and to Indiana University for providing the streaming servers and 


PS - For those who are emailing me about using the Real Media codec.  Yes, I 
realize it is a "proprietary" format, but it is one that we as a distribution 
support, so if you wish to protest the webcast it is your loss.  When I sent 
a call for help with this conference, IU offered their services.  Nobody else 
did, and despite that nobody else could handle the capacity that they could.  
If it is offensive to people to do it in real, we will skip the webcasting 
next time.

Corey Shields
Gentoo Linux Infrastructure Team
Gentoo Foundation Board of Trustees
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