Fernando J. Pereda wrote:
If it is that important to you then please organize it the next time or
re-code all those audio files.

Please re-read my previous mail:
I wrote:
> Just for the record, i didn't, but the topic raises some questions for > me. Really really not intended as a flamebait to raise a debate on
> principles. Just asking.
So, no, the devconference isn't _that_ important to me, but if there should really be much interest to recode the files i can help if someone asks me to. Anyway, if you re-read my mail you may notice it raises some general questions.

> But don't bitch about it if you haven't helped.
As a matter of fact i wasn't bitching, but i really think the questions i asked were valid and of interest. What's with that if-you-didn't-help-and-just-stop-bitching-TIA-attitude anyway? Are we using it these days to stop every discussion we don't like as soon it comes from someone who hasn't helped in that very project?


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