Corey Shields wrote:
> PS - For those who are emailing me about using the Real Media codec.

Just for the record, i didn't, but the topic raises some questions for me. Really really not intended as a flamebait to raise a debate on principles. Just asking.

> Yes, I realize it is a "proprietary" format, but it is one that we as > a distribution support, so if you wish to protest the webcast it is
> your loss.

Support in the terms of decoding but also encoding? I could only find decoders - and only for x86 and amd64 (media-video/realplayer).

> When I sent a call for help with this conference, IU offered their
> services.  Nobody else did, and despite that nobody else could handle
> the capacity that they could.  If it is offensive to people to do it
> in real, we will skip the webcasting next time.

That's very nice from IU for sure and especially if there are not many (read: one) options to choose from the outcome is pretty obvious. However, i'm not sure what our Social Contract says about it. It seems to deal with the operating system itself, but there seem to be no implications about anything else. So in theory we could host the whole stuff on IIS servers?


PS: I think my first reply was eaten due to some address mismatch, if you get it later, please disregard & sorry.

Wernfried Haas (amne)
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