Some time ago I opened a bug concerning Gstreamer's useflags, which are
handled completely unlogical at the moment. *every* package depending on the
gstreamer multimediaframework brings it's own use flags for gstreamer-plugins,
instead of putting the use flags centrally in the gstreamer package itself.

I know this has been discussed before on bugzilla and the lists, and I read
through all discussions I found. I certainly don't want to waste any
developer's time with this, but the current handling of this is unlogical and
not "the gentoo way". I think that many users share my opinion here although
some devs (foser e.g.) don't agree with this.

https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=100872 and
https://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=84663 decribe the problem.

So my proposal is putting UseFlags for additional GstreamerPlugins in the
Gstreamerpackage and remove it in the packages depending on Gstreamer (totem
for example).

Benefits of this:
 * you have ONE place where you can decide what gstreamer plugins to install
 * you don't have 'wasted useflags'. It's not logical if I compile amarok
without mad and still can use mad, cause another application already used this
 * you don't have to reemerge EVERY single application that has gstreamer
useflags, when you want to install ONE additional gstreamerplugin, that's
completely UNNECESSARY
 * people don't get confused when using xine and useflags doesn't have an
impact. (mp3 doesn't work -> recompile amarok with xine and mad -> mp3 still
doesn't work cause mad useflag doesn't influence xine)
 * you have to understand that you use gstreamer: when you want to have
additional capabilities simple recompiling of amarok (p.e.) doesn't work, you
have to recompile gstreamer or emerge -uDN world

For me the PROS outweigh the CONS. What do you say?

greetings and hoping that I don't annoy anyone with this mail


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