On Aug 16, 2005, at 5:18 PM, Mike Frysinger wrote:

 - i'm lazy
- i hate typing the samething twice (yes, bash scripting with echangelog can kind of take care of this) ... it doesnt handle if you want to use different
commit messages for different files
- shrinks ChangeLog size for packages which have been around a very long time
 - forces cvs log messages to actually be worthwhile to read and makes
browsing cvs history much nicer (it's very easy to look at the differences between two files and match up a good commit message rather than trying to figure out what message in the ChangeLog goes with it, assuming there is one) - easily standardize ChangeLog format wrt to header, copyrights, licensing,
message formatting, name/date format
- generate dates in UTC down to the second rather than having devs hand type
them in their local timezone for just the current day
 - maybe some other things i havent thought of
 - i'm lazy

Me likey.


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