> >Before to this to happen I'll try my best to close the greatest number
> >of bugs still open (many already are but not committed) and manage to
> >bring MySQL back to the unslotted version.
> >
> >[1]
> >Yes.  12% [ 12 ]
> >No.   75% [ 72 ]
> >No preference. 11% [ 11 ]
> >
> I have one question:
> Who answer NO on poll?

Users don't always know what's right for themselves, and I'm sure a big
percentage of these "nos" are because people don't want to go through
the hassle of figuring out how to switch to slotted, not because it's a
bad idea.  This is a MUCH NEEDED feature and one I was extremely glad
someone worked on.  Don't get rid of it.  I didn't even notice this
thread until I noticed weirdness in my mysql upgrade from slotted back
to unslotted.  For gods sake, don't get rid of this feature just because
a few users don't want to read some docs.

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