> Maybe there needs to be an IWANTSLOTS feature or something, because the same 
> rationale for why I was against a slotted mysql would have other people 
> against a slotted kde, or slotted perl (ouch, so close to home, even if its 
> conceptually fictional) - I neither need nor desire having multiple copies of 
> the application available on one box, when i am only ever going to connect to 
> one running copy.

Maybe I'm misreading your comment here, but I don't see how "I only want
to install one version" is an argument against having the _ability_ to
install multiple versions.  Just because you neither need nor desire it
doesn't mean it's not extremely useful to many other users.

> Hmmmm...a feature flag that (where applicable) disabled retaining other slots
> might be nice come to think of it....<hijack thread accidently>....disabled 
> for the packages you need multiples of (berkdb?) but optionally enabled for 
> packages like WM's and relational DB's where you just might not want more 
> copies...or to remember to go back and unmerge and track the stray files 
> for....</end accidental hijack>

That seems like a lot of work for something that is easily done through:

emerge --prune -p
emerge --unmerge <the ones you want>

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