Well, incidentally I was working on "toolchainasing" gnat (a gcc based Ada compiler, basically just another frontend) and pestered toolchain people on irc regarding similar matters. Basically it came down to: toolchain.eclass and eselect-compiler are not for stuff not in gcc, so I had to create my own ones (gnatbuild.eclass and eselect-gnat), a bit simpler versions actually :). I could not inherit toolchain.eclass either, only copy the relevant parts of

A due notice: this was discussed already like half a year ago (although when I announced progress here on -dev no comments followed), so if the things have
chaged since then I will be interested to know too..

Well, I'm not against that support being in eselect-compiler, and in fact I think it'd be nice... It's just not a priority on my list, so if you'd like to contribute changes which allow support for what you want without needlessly complicating things for those who don't want to use these advanced features, then I'm more than willing to incorporate them.

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