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> Hi!
> As the situation now has changed I would like to discuss this one
> more. Since one week we (hd_brummy and me) have changed our Gentoo
> VDR Project
> (http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/desktop/video/vdr/index.xml) to an
> official subproject of desktop/video.
> Now the situation is as follows:
> Most packages have historically either 
> a) one of us or
> b) both as a maintainer
> and the herd media-tv as fallback.
> c) The newest ebuilds have herd media-tv and [EMAIL PROTECTED] (projects 
> mail-address) as maintainer.
> We now think that this should be unified. Our ideal would be having
> the concept of a sub-herd.
> The best realizable alternatives we can think of are:
> c) herd media-tv and [EMAIL PROTECTED] (projects mail-address) as
> maintainer. d) create an own herd vdr.

A package can belong to more than one herd.  So you could create a
media-vdr herd, and have two herd tags in the metadata.xml for the vdr
packages; media-tv and media-vdr (I suggest the media- prefix as it's
not necessarily obvious what vdr means on its own).  If you do this,
make sure there's a maintainer tag.

However (c) seems to be the most sensible approach.

> What do you think of that?
> Zzam

Kevin F. Quinn

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