On Mon, 10 Jul 2006 01:18:07 -0500 Andrew Gaffney <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
| Even if you modify the profile to "mask" gcc-3.3.x, it won't force
| people to unmerge their existing gcc-3.3.x since it's slotted and
| they would already have gcc-3.4.x emerged, correct? And if we can't
| force them to unmerge it, we can't force them to switch which gcc
| version is active. Masking in the profile would have no effect if
| this is true.

Yeah. It's more of a tradition thing than a strict technological
enforcement. In the past we've always considered any GCC allowed by the
profile (that is to say, not masked or out of the packages range) to be
valid. Refusing to take bugs from people who're using a GCC permitted
by the profile is rather unfair...

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