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Here's a draft of a paragraph discussing CFLAGS-related problems. This
is the result of a discussion I started on gentoo-dev. Thanks to all
devs who gave feedback this should bring some food for thought to GWN

Hi Lionel,

Thanks for writing this up, great job.  Nitpicking spelling and
grammar points to follow ;)

configurability that are hallmarks of the <uri
link=http://www.gentoo.org/main/en/about.xml> Gentoo experience</uri>.

Extra space before "Gentoo" here.

for most users. There's usually very little benefit, high risks and much
time spent on frustating tuning that could be enjoyed doing far more
interesting things.

"frustating" should be "frustrating"

<p>Example of this are :</p>

Should be plural: "Examples"

<li><c>-fforce-addr</c> and <c>-fweb</c> break regularly on x86 with
video libraries or graphic processing apps which use hand-optimised ASM.
<c>-fweb</c> may be safe on amd64 but like above no guarantees</li>

"optimised" should be "optimized"

For example <c>-ffast-math</c> is added by the xmame/xmess ebuilds on
most architectures even tho you SHOULD NOT put it in your CFLAGS.</li>

"tho" should be "though"
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